Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dresden Christmas Market deliciousness: quarkbällchen

Since the end of November/beginning of December, Germany has been a Christmas wonderland. I'm not referring to snow as we really haven't received much of that yet (and I totally okay with that). The cause of the wonder is that the Christmas markets have been in full swing.

There are many traditional crafts to buy and delicious snacks to eat. In Dresden, I found something fabulous: quarkbällchen (little quark balls). They are soft and fluffy doughnut holes that have quark (pure deliciousness, a type of cheese used in similar ways for cooking in which cream cheese and ricotta cheese are used) in the middle. It's not so much that the quark is a filling; it is more like part of the batter. Either way, it's completely delicious. I ate one, since I usually don't eat fried food. However, I could see a person wanting to eat way more than that!

Thus far, I have only seen these at the Dresden Christmas market. I haven't seen any in the markets I've visited in the western part of Germany. I recommend trying some if they're available.

This guy is really happy about serving Grandma's quarkbällchen!

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