Monday, July 8, 2013

German bachelor and bachelorette parties

When walking around a bigger city on the weekend, it's not uncommon to see German bachelor and bachelorette parties descending upon the city. They are quite a sight to behold! I've seen women dressed in matching white shirts with pink ties; women in matching coats; men in matching shirts that reference the upcoming loss of freedom; and other silly get-ups.

The night is all about teasing the bride and groom to be, but separately, of course. When I was in Heidelberg, I came across a bachelorette/hen party, or, in German, a Junggesellinnenabschied (JGA). I was trying not to giggle like crazy because the bride to be was dressed up in a silly costume. She had to sell items to those passing by. I was told that the money she made from that was used to buy drinks later in the night.

The future groom isn't spared from embarrassment, either, during his Junggesellenabschied (JGA). When I was in Stuttgart, I saw a group of men encouraging bystanders to pay to kick a soccer ball through the groom's costume in order to win a prize. Unfortunately, sometimes the kicker missed, to the groom's discomfort. I've also seen a grown man dressed in a bunny suit, handing out carrots. It's quite funny to see such things!

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  1. That soccer ball getup is quite creative! Haven't seen that one before. Did see a woman in a bumble bee costume though!