Saturday, April 21, 2012

An unhappy meat experience

From August 18, 2010

On Friday the 13th our delivery company driver stopped into work to drop off some packages, looking unhappy. I asked him what was up. He told me that there was blood all over the back of his delivery van.

Huh?! It was Friday the 13th, but that certainly wasn't what I had been expecting. He said that a large package being shipped to someone else had begun leaking blood all over so they had to open it. Imagine his surprise when he saw packages of meat just laid into the box. They had started leaking, of course, as it was Friday and they had been originally shipped on Tuesday and had thawed. Neither one of us could believe that the sender hadn't placed the meat in styrofoam coolers with dry ice first.The package also wasn't sent priority; it went through the regular business class.

After the weekend, I saw him again and asked him how the rest of his Friday went. He gave me an exasperated look. They called the recipient of the package and told her it had melted, leaked all over, and that the meat would no longer be safe. She was unfazed; she said that the middle of it was still probably frozen and that she'd still use it (it had been quite warm last week and those delivery trucks get really hot so we doubted it). She mentioned how it had originally been packaged; a family member, the sender, threw a chunk of ice in a box and then shoved the packages of meat around it.

I hope she has a strong immune system to handle the spoiled meat.

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