Thursday, April 8, 2010

We were interrogated. I kinda liked it.

I am lucky to know some really interesting and funny people. One such person is B, who is from northern Europe originally. She is a ball of energy and is always making me laugh because she goes on offbeat adventures, can befriend just about anyone, and has a perennially sunny disposition.

I was telling her about my recent trip to Budapest and how we (mostly) unintentionally didn't have train tickets. She traveled once to Belarus from Poland and found that the same thing had happened to her. However, when she traveled, it was during the time when Russia still controlled Belarus. When the train inspectors found B on the train without a ticket, they pulled B and her friend off the train. They interrogated B. When B told me the story, chuckling, she said "We were interrogated. I kinda liked it, though; it was interesting!"

Of course, getting interrogated can be awful, but with B's sunny disposition and love of adventure (and since nothing bad happened to them), she laughs about the situation now. She's the only person that I can think of that would actually get a kick out of being interrogated.

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