Monday, July 27, 2015

Some recent foraging moments

I'm totally digging foraging and developing traditional homesteading skills right now. I've recently had the following experiences, which (to me, at least) are a funny juxtaposition of the natural world and the not-so natural world.

-I was foraging some wild raspberries at one of the installations and was thinking about how I'd like to learn more about botany to really interact more with the wild environment. Suddenly I had to retreat into the foliage to avoid being squished by a Humvee.

- I was driving a coworker in my car so we could go pick up our work vehicle. At the installation's gate, we stopped to show our IDs. The guard looked into my backseat and said, "What IS that?" I said, "Do you know what fruit roll-ups are?" (he was German, so he might not have). He answered in the affirmative so I said that I was making cherry fruit roll-ups. He cracked up and waved me through. Indeed, I am using the foraged cherries and am dehydrating them in the car (which is said to be a hack when person doesn't have a dehydrator). Crazy Homesteading Using One's Car Level Attained: 8.

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