Saturday, July 11, 2015

It's all relative

I had some lolz at a training recently where the trainer  (American) was talking about how "extreme" weather in Germany could be, referencing the Pfalz region. Yes, we had recently had a strong thunderstorm with some hail and there was even a tornado north of here but usually the weather is quite mild.

I do not think of German weather as being extreme. There are a few isolated events throughout the year in the Pfalz, but it's not all that often. Coming from Michigan, I'm accustomed to quite cold winters with a ton of snow countered with crazy thunderstorms, hot and humid weather, and some tornadoes during the summer. When I lived in the country, I found myself stuck without electricity at least once a year after strong storms. Sometimes it was even for days since I lived in a weird spot and the electric company wasn't particularly worried about one customer on that particular piece of the grid.

Even my take on weather is relative. I'm sure that people from Alaska have something to say about getting a lot of snow and people in the south can speak even further about hot and humid weather. Heck, they have hurricanes, which totally top our tornadoes! Isn't the range of human experiences and points of view a strange thing?

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