Monday, July 20, 2015

Galeria Kaufhaus and the Very Alarming Steiff Bear

This is definitely not going to be the title of a children's book! When I was in Hannover, my friend S and I stopped by Galeria Kaufhof, which is a department store. In the toy section, we found a giant Steiff teddy bear. Push the button and he'll talk about animals. Cool, huh?

Well, it was not so cool. If anything, he was a bit creepy! As he spoke, he gyrated his hips. I was a bit in shock as he was going on like Elvis when he was talking about turtles. By the time I had regained my composure, he was done. I pushed the button again and he talked about chimpanzees. I recorded this but noted that he was much more restrained in his gyrations this time around.

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