Saturday, November 1, 2014

Tunde Olaniran: mesmirizing music

A few years ago, I learned of Tunde Olaniran's music and I'm glad that I did. He's a Flint artist who's not only a good singer, but he's also gives a great stage show too.

It's hard to for me to describe his music, which does include rap, but many other genres too. I think that's what I like Olaniran so much; his music skips around different genres and even singing styles within the same song and it's not a boring listen. His music videos have an art/film school vibe to them, with a possible visit from the school of dance; Olaniran is mesmerizing. It's always cool to see some of my old stomping grounds in his hometown of Flint, Michigan, too.

His profile on Sound Cloud describes him as "combining a magnetic presence, lyrical dexterity, genre-devouring style, and a glam-rock, DIY performance aesthetic..." Also, his profile notes,"...the fictional lovechild of Prince, Kanye, and Robyn, Tunde Olaniran crafts hyper-modern pop music that will make you laugh, cry, and flail about like nobody's business."

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