Thursday, November 6, 2014

How NOT to successfully start one's day

Egads. I didn't commence my day in the most favorable way. As I was getting out of the shower, I slipped and fell flat on my face. Moo sidled up to me, perplexed about why I was sprawled over the floor.

Other than feeling bruised and a bit sore, I was okay. It was a reminder that I need to keep a bathmat out. My shower is an awkward affair; it's small, on a tall pedestal, and has nothing to hold onto upon one's exit.

My friend is always saying he's sure that cats will eat their owners should the owner perish and the cat has the chance. To that I told him that it's more ecologically responsible and a good example of recycling (I am KIDDING, for the record). Of course I had to tease my friend and tell him that Moo was surveying the situation to determine if I was dead or not and if it was time to eat up.


  1. Sorry about your rotten start to the day. I've heard that about cats before, and I love your response to your friend - ecologically responsible...Haha! That sounds like something my husband would say. Moo sounds charming, and I'm sure he wouldn't want you to think that he'd eat you. :-)

  2. Thanks! I am glad to not be as sore as I had worried that I would be.

    I was being warped, and thought about the situation further: even if Moo DID eat, say, part of my arm, I would be cremated anyway, so would it really matter? Then I thought, whoa, I've been spending too much time with super-rational scientists.