Sunday, November 9, 2014

My Week: November 9 ed.

-I had my first German B1.1 classes and survived! I enjoyed it, too. I think my German will improve quickly with this class because I'm challenged enough that I really have to think through things.

-Another student from class invited me to a culture night put on by one of the student associations. I went with another classmate and felt a little silly because I was older than most of the students there/wasn't a student myself but no one cared and it was a friendly event. I ran into three other people I know so I told them to keep it on the down low that I was an interloper (hehe).

-A group of us had a fantastic dinner out together, with plenty of ridiculous conversation. I now have a new travel partner, whom I met at this event.

-My Volkshochschule class met again after taking a break for some school holidays.

-I went on a domestic spree, roasting some vegetables for week two of the 40 days of being vegan thing. I hope to make macaroni and "cheese" out of the squash I roasted. I am assured by vegan blogs that squash + nutritional yeast yields a satisfactory cheese replacement. I'm a bit dubious about that one. I also made vegan, reduced-sugar banana bread. This is more domestic than I've been in ages! Before you know it, I'll be wearing a dress, pearls, and high heels while serving a nice dinner on a table with matching tableware and a tablecloth. *snort* More likely, I'll be in jeans and a sweatshirt NOT eating dinner (it's not always my thing) and drinking water out of a "There's no kangaroos in Austria" mug because all of the glasses are in the dishwasher. I'm a classy gal; what can I say?

-I tried to avoid going to sleep at 6 p.m. since it seems a good time to hibernate with the early departure of the sun.

-New Travel Partner and I went to Metz, France.

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