Sunday, November 16, 2014

My Week: November 16 ed.

The short of it: German classes, barely completing homework, busy at work, night out with friends, dinner with friends, bought good vegan stuff at Globus, didn't sleep much, mumble mumble.

Some tidbits:

I was half-listening to the German radio station and registered that they were talking about goulash and potatoes. In the piece, a guy started yelling (in a WWF-like voice) "I am a...." [something that starts with a "w" and a word I had never heard before.] How I wish I had written down the word because now I am incredibly curious what WWF potato-goulash dude was up to.

I was amused by a conversation by a woman who's German but lived in England for a while. She was talking to Americans and they had no idea what she was talking about. She was saying some of the phrases she had used and I didn't understand why the Americans hadn't understood them. Then it dawned on me: of course it would make sense to me because I had lived in England too. That's the thing with the German version of English: it tends to be a mash-up of British and American English, but even that is varied depending on the region. Around Kaiserslautern, it's heavily American-influenced, not surprisingly as there are so many Americans around here. I've spoken to other Germans who have a stronger British accent as that's the way they were taught in school and there weren't as many Americans around.

I also found out just how seriously Italians take their pasta. We made the mistake of calling pasta the word noodles and were told that Italians don't eat noodles, they eat pasta. Hehe.

In other words, it was a good, tiring week. My new schedule is kicking my hiney.

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