Saturday, December 13, 2014

My favorite Christmas Market Begins: 13-14 December, Trippstadt

I'm super excited, despite the dreary weather: my all-time favorite Christmas begins in a few hours!

The Haus der Nachhaltigkeit, or House of Sustainability, is a nature center, of sorts, located in Trippstadt, which is twenty minutes south of Kaiserslautern. It is offering its annual one weekend-only "Romantische Waldweihnacht," or "romantic forest Christmas" on its grounds. It is truly a special Christmas market, quite different from most other German markets, being held partially in the forest in a beautiful setting.

Offerings at this market are most often organic, handmade, and high quality. There are many local specialties, including some that are hyper local and put the focus on the forest: it's possible to eat venison and wild boar products made from animals from the very woods!

The market is only open during the second weekend in December and is held in Trippstadt, twenty minutes south of Kaiserslautern. Parking is almost impossible; do not even attempt to drive. I mean it! Instead, enjoy a stress-free (though sometimes packed) ride on the special VRN bus that makes frequent trips during the market. Plus, it allows everyone to enjoy some Glühwein! Group tickets allow for a very inexpensive journey.

For more information:

Haus der Nachhaltigkeit's Website, with more info

My blog entry from last year, detailing my experience

Tips for enjoying the market (#1 tip is: don't drive yourself there! Take the bus!)


  1. This sounds fantastic! Right up my street. It's probably a bit too late for me to organise a trip there this year but I am going to bookmark your post for next year. Thanks :)

  2. I highly recommend it! It's so magical because it doesn't have that cheap/commercial feeling that some markets have. Plus, it's so lovely in the woods. I think that the area is nifty so I hope to go hiking there in the summer and maybe even stay at the hotel across the street. That sounds silly since it's only 20 minutes from my house but I think it would be a nice experience.