Friday, December 12, 2014

A fun new German word

I've been learning many new things and refreshing many old things in the two German classes I'm taking. During the VHS class, we were working on an activity to compare two things and we were given the card below.

I saw Herr Schlange, who put a group of us women in an earlier community ed class into a horrible fit of giggles. I then named another classmate in the American university "Schlangejunge," or Snake Boy, after I had learned that he had eaten snakes. It's a bit of a long story but he didn't mind being called that (though he did rue the day that he fessed up to having eaten them and I teased him for an entire class about that).

Even better yet is "der Regenwurm," or "the rainworm." In English it's just the earthworm. I love the German version; I imagine a worm wearing rain boots (okay, a rain boot) and a little raincoat and hat combo. Isn't the picture from our teacher adorable?

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