Monday, September 8, 2014

What I've been up to: September 7 ed.

Phew, has this been a busy week! I'm exhausted but happy, having made new friendly acquaintances and having spent time with friends.

-Returned from Vienna and thought it was a day earlier because it was a holiday off work, while luckily missing most of the train strikes;

-met with my German-English tandem partner and had a great time again (she mentioned that her spouse had heard us laughing almost the whole time during our previous meeting and was happy that we were enjoying ourselves so much);

-went to a local bar to meet with friends and almost suffocated from the cigarette smoke both inside and outside (how I wish smoking wasn't allowed in buildings!);

-introduced my good friend to Moo since hasn't been to my house yet (not sure how that has happened); Moo was instantly his best friend and vice versa (so cute!);

-thoroughly enjoyed My Coworker Brings His Pug to Work Day;

-joined a German club and attended their meeting;

-attended a movie night/potluck at a friend's house;

-asked my friends about very typical German events for a Germany Ja! article I am planning to write;

-tried to figure out a way to write in German that I'm looking for someone to shave Moo without such a request sounding weird, and even stumped my German friends (and used this conversation as a way to cheat on my goal of spending 10 minutes a day learning German);

-was woken up/suffered awful sleep afterward from a humongous piece of construction equipment rumbling through my neighborhood at 12:30 a.m. on a work night (I'm not sure why they did this after Ruhestunden);

-went to France (about a 40 minute drive) with my friend to shop at Cora, a supermarket chain; managed to avoid being spoken to in French by going to the self-checkout (my brain is stuck in German mode right now); I bought fondue in a package to try making since the last time I tried to make it from scratch it was more like "fon-don't;"

-FINALLY watched Detroit Unleaded the movie - and loved it! I saw many familiar sights from the city in which I completed my graduate studies

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