Monday, September 22, 2014

Music so beautiful it could make you cry

Even though I love my life here in Germany, there are some things from home that I love and miss. Of course my family and friends from there at the top of the list. Another thing I miss are the festivals
I've attended. There are two of them that are almost perfect and feel like home for me. They both have a great vibe and amazing performers.
I was thinking of the festival and decided to play some music from Dixon's Violin, which brought back wonderful memories of sitting together quietly with my friends, all of us transfixed by his music. Dixon is a Michigan digital violin artist who builds beautiful, haunting music by recording what he plays live, looping it, and adding to it. He calls himself a "Musical Shaman," which is extremely apt. It's hard to put into words the feeling to be sitting in a huge group, captivated by his music, but the energy and the emotion is amazing. Plus, he's an overall nice guy, humble and approachable, with a soothing vibe.

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