Monday, September 15, 2014

What I've been up to: the September 14 ed.

I was hoping for a less busy week this time because I was rather exhausted by the previous week. I still ended up going to bed reasonably late every night. I should rectify that but I don't regret having fun instead of sleeping a lot.

-Invited my tandem speaking partner over for dinner. She fell in love with Moo and said that he was better than watching a movie. She's not normally a cat person but she thought he was great and kissed his little Moo face. He kept doing cute things, hamming it up for attention. Well, he was cute except for when he was sick of us oohing and aahing over him and turned his back to us and started licking himself.

-Met up with my friend and a new resident of Kaiserslautern for drinks. Despite the bar's reasonably good exhaust system, the smoking inside still bothered me. There are some loopholes in the law so some places can still allow smoking inside. Sigh.

-Had a meetup with one of my groups where we planned lots of activities. I'm thrilled! It's really starting to come together nicely and we're progressing from a group of friendly strangers to a big group of friends. I'm absolutely thrilled.

-After that meeting, we walked to a restaurant to meet our friend and drank neuwein on the way. I had a jug of it that I really needed to finish so my friends were happy to oblige. We were super classy and drank straight out of the jug!

-Signed up for a Volkshochschule class. I will also sign up for a university class later this fall, but I wanted to make sure that I wasn't totally rusty before a more intensive class.

-Went camping in the Mosel River valley. It was amazing! We sang, danced, partied, sauna-ed (is that a word?), hiked in the vineyards until we couldn't hike any more (and even today I am still hobbling around with sore muscles), took a boat ride on the Mosel, didn't sleep, bathed in a cow water trough (interesting experience), and enjoyed the company of people from all over the world (mostly from the Netherlands ;) I'm exhausted and sore but feeling blissful after the fun.

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