Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Tauschbox in Kaiserslautern: take something or leave something

Edited: the Tauschbox no longer exists. Someone burned it down in August. It is the second time this happened. What a shame.

On the corner of Parkstrasse and Trippstadter Strasse near the Stadtpark in Kaiserslautern, there is a bright yellow box the size of a telephone booth (remember those?). It's not possible to make a phone call in this box, but it is possible to take part in a community sharing here.

This is the Tauschbox. The German word "tausch" means exchange or swap and this small building allows just that. Bring an item to give away or take something you need from the box.

When I visited, I saw clothing, shoes, books, and knick-knacks inside.

Yarnbombing outside the Taschbox!

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