Friday, April 11, 2014

Restaurant Review: Mei Thai, Saarbrücken

Mei Thai Original Thai Food
Kappenstraße 14, 66111 Saarbrücken
0681 3908202

A friend and I visited Saarbrücken this winter and stopped by Mei Thai for lunch. This small restaurant is tucked away on a side street in the pedestrian/shopping area. It has a bit of a diner-y type feel; the inside is nothing fancy but it is functional.

We both ordered pad thai and I ordered some spring rolls. I wasn't super impressed with the spring rolls. I have had almost the exact same ones at different Thai restaurants in Germany and I would not be surprised if they were frozen, premade ones. They don't taste bad but they're not great, either.

I was more impressed by the pad thai. It was decent and tasted similar to the pad thai that I've eaten in the US, made by chefs who are actually Thai.

Prices were moderate, our server was pleasant, and we received our food in a timely manner. I'd say it was a decent enough experience; nothing was mindblowing but it was tasty enough.

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