Thursday, April 24, 2014

Die Hundetankstelle at Quack

At the Quack restaurant in Kaiserslautern, even the dogs aren't forgotten*. Outside of the front door to the restaurant, there is a "Hundetankstelle," which basically means a "dog service/filling station." Tankstelle is the word for gas stations. It looks as if this particular set-up was given to the restaurant by a pet store in town.

*Well, maybe the dogs were a little forgotten because the water was rather dirty and unused looking. However, I visited in winter so I would attribute its rough look to that.

I think that the restaurant, Gasthaus Quack, would actually be rather nice for owners to bring their dogs, especially in the summer. It's located in the east side of Kaiserslautern near some trails and has what looks to be a nice patio in the summer.

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