Friday, June 7, 2013

Milk at the German grocery store

During some of my first forays into the German supermarket, I noticed that the refrigerated section of the store had very few milk containers. I knew, after living in England, that goods that might be refrigerated in the US might not be refrigerated outside the US because of the different ways they might be processed. I poked around a bit in the store and found shelves and shelves of milk in shelf-stable packaging.

There was a huge array of choices; it was mind boggling. I had some friends explain the different types of milk to me but I felt dazed and confused by the descriptions. I usually don't buy/drink cow's milk anyway, so it seemed a mostly moot point to me since when I do need a milk-like substance, I buy soy, almond, or rice milk.

The main thing I can say is that if it seems like there isn't much milk in the refrigerated section, look elsewhere in the store. Another blogger, A Vegetarian in Germany, writes a good description of the different types of milk in Germany here.

Milk in German supermarkets: rows and rows of cardboard boxes!

Milk in the refrigerated section. Unlike the boxed milk, this milk has a Pfand, or deposit, on the bottles. Return them to the store to get it back.

Look at this carton of milk! Isn't the Snuggle Bear knock-off CREEPY? He has the creepiest look on his face, and it almost looks as if he's dumping poison into the milk. Well, that's my take, anyway. My cousin saw this picture and she noticed the logo; she thinks it looks like it's a bear abducting a baby! If I do find the need to buy cow's milk, I will not be buying this brand.

Creepy creepy! What is he pouring into the milk?
No baby kidnapping!

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