Wednesday, June 12, 2013

American food in other countries: at Globus in Kaiserslautern

Globus is another chain store in Germany. The one in Kaiserslautern is HUGE; every time I go in there, I feel like I get sucked into a shopping vortex that eventually spits me out, slightly grumpy from the crowds and trying to translate things...and attempting to resist the siren call of the most delicious olives and quark (and I'm so not referencing Ferengi here) from the Turkish food vendor at the front of the store.

Globus is pretty much like Walmart; it's a discounter, has a giant grocery section, and carries home wares, hardwares, etc. I hate to keep comparing everything to Walmart but if I liken these stores to Meijer, only people in the upper middle of the Midwest will get that reference, I believe. The one bonus would be that Meijer doesn't have the stigma associated to it. Anyway, I digress.

I went to buy, of all things, a steam mop. Ah, what a glorious thing it is, the steam mop! Now, if I could just avoid on going some adventures so I'd actually stay home to use the mop...

While I was at Globus, I also quickly tooled over to the foreign food section to see what "American" food offerings there were. Below is a pictorial sampling of what was being offered. I even saw some "Cheese Zip" again. I wonder if there's a run on it? Ick. Their offerings were actually quite good at Globus; these are things that Americans might miss from home and the prices aren't horrible for "fine imported goods." Giggle. As if high fructose corn syrup-laced food and white bread is fine dining.

Jelly Bellies: okay, these ARE super American!

These also are quite American. I bet there are some people who are thrilled to see the Pepperidge Farm cookies. I could take them or leave them; in fact, I was given a package of some that I once then gifted to a homeless gentleman in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, strangely enough.

Look! Oreos. I hear that a lot of US expats miss these.

Hot dog and hamburger buns, and American "toast." Poor Americans, having this as the main kind of bread at home!

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