Wednesday, June 26, 2013

American products in other countries: Aldi, in Germany

Aldi had a big display of American food. Okay, tortillas = technically Mexican food, but Americans commonly eat these.

Marshmallows! However, I think things are *just* a bit off. These are labeled as "Traditional Barbecue Marshmallows." Um, I can't say that I've ever grilled marshmallows over what I consider a barbecue, but the package says it's American,'s okay? Dear Germans: we grill our marshmallows over a campfire :)


  1. We've been known to do them over a grill when we don't have a safe place to build a campfire! (Which has been pretty much always since we left the country...)

  2. Do they taste "grill-y"? I'm just so amused by the product depiction because it's actually advertised as a BBQ style.