Friday, June 7, 2013

I just got set up!

I had a big smile today at work: a colleague from another department in our organization stopped by the office today to see me. She said I was just the person she was looking for.

She knows someone who is new to the area and that we have a lot of things in common and wanted to know if she could give the woman my number and maybe we could hang out. We started laughing because it was like setting someone up on a "friend date." I said sure, why not. I like meeting new people and thought it would be nice to expand my circle of people I know here.

I had just been thinking about how I should meet more people here. I have a nice group of friends, but unfortunately, as is common in many expat groups, their time here is somewhat limited. My own time is uncertain, but there is a likelihood that I would be here a bit longer, so I have to make peace with the idea that most of my friends here will be moving away at some point. Such is life, and that just means that I'll have to visit them wherever they go next.

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