Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Signs you've been living in the Kaiserslautern Military Community too long

You know you've been living in the KMC too long when...

1. You know better than to talk about That Wing Place (which shall not be named).

2. You've made peace with the fact that sometimes almost always Mexican food is going to have curry powder in it.

3. You start to know what all the acronyms for everything means in the KMC. For example, the KMCC is part of the KMC and one can eat there if he doesn't want to choke down a MRE.

4. You don't choose TKS. You've heard the horror stories.

5. You know people who get inexplicably excited about Starbucks and/or Chipotle. You may or may not be one of those people and you may or may not have driven to Frankfurt for one or the other.

6. You know to call ahead first to an office where you must conduct business. You also know that the phone number, building number, hours of operation, and other important information on the organization's website and/or the Find-It guide will probably be hopelessly out of date. Once you finally have the correct number to call, the person who's supposed to answer it will either be on TDY or the office will be inexplicably closed. If you're a n00b, you drove to the office without calling first and were sent on a wild goose chase. Even if you're an experienced person, you might drive to the office only to find a sign taped up that the office isn't open or it moved for some odd reason.

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