Thursday, April 2, 2015

Signs you've gone native in the Pfalz

Expats moving to the Pflaz region of the Rheinland-Pfalz state in Germany might start out with one set of expectations when moving here, but as they become more native, they realize what's really up.

Here are some signs that show you've gone native:

1. People ask you about the beer in the area and you tell them about the wine.

2. You might have a dirndl or lederhosen to wear in Bayern, but you know it doesn't really have a place here.

3. You know that with the slightest excuse, there will be a gemütlich wine festival.

4. You say "jo" instead of "ja."

5. You know that Saarland is not the most awesome vacation place ever, as much as they'd like to think it is.

6. You giggle when you think of Helmut Kohl making foreign dignitaries eat Saumagen.

7. Heck, you've eaten Saumagen yourself (even if you may or may not be vegetarian).

8. You know that Flammkuchen is where it's at.*

9. You know that closing down the local highways during the summer means two things: wine + bikes.

10. You and the Pfälzerwald are besties. You might even have nordic walking poles just to prove that (even though you're more likely to use them on the flat paths).

*Even though it's grammatically incorrect.

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