Thursday, March 5, 2015

What do Germans have against green peppers?

I drove more than I normally would today because I went to another location to train staff. I listened to the local-ish radio station and caught today's topic, which started in the morning and was still being blathered about during my commute home:

bell peppers, and colors that people like to eat. There was a lively discussion about how no one likes green peppers, which prompted calls from people who did like them. However, they seemed to be in the minority.

I haven't researched this further, but people in the know about Germany: is this really a thing? Do Germans not like green peppers that much?

In the US (or at least in Michigan), red and yellow bell peppers cost more. I'm not sure why but I will admit: I do like their taste a bit more while not displaying any distrust of green peppers.


  1. I don't like them and my family does not like them. Red and Yellow are simply sweeter in taste. In my opinion, green tastes like it is not ripe.
    You can buy this pack with red, yellow and green, but I seldom by it because I do not know what to do with the green one.
    I can not speak for other people, because this has not be a issue.

  2. I polled my friends (not really scientific, but whatever) and this is what they said:

    -they all preferred yellow, orange, and red peppers;
    -they couldn't immediately say why they didn't like them;
    -upon reflection, they agreed that it was probably because these colors are sweeter tasting than green peppers; and
    -we hypothesized that the other colors are a result of differing ripeness of the peppers; green peppers are more likely less mature.