Monday, November 25, 2013

It has begun! The Christmas (gangsta's paradise) market in Kaiserslautern

I was downtown tonight to do this crazy, rushed outing to shop for boots (and I was stupid enough to try to speak rushed German, too -- that was a mess and the relieved store employees were practically begging me to return to English).

Once that was done, I wandered around the fußgängerzone, which is the pedestrian shopping area. It was wonderful; the Christmas market had just opened today and a jolly mood permeated the crowds of people visiting little huts and sipping glühwein (hot, mulled wine). 

Look! Does this blurry cell phone picture show the fun, or what?!
Around the corner, the sounds of a band greeted me. I walked up and jammed to some of the upbeat music, which, by the way, was not the least bit Chirstmassy. There was something about it that seemed familiar though.

Suddenly it dawned on me: they were playing a cover of Coolio's Gangster's Paradise! I was cracking up and reminiscing about being in my teens and roller skating to the song super fast and thinking just how cool I was (yeah, don't you wish you could've had such awesome teenage years too?). Were you expecting some om-pa-pa music or old German carols? This is modern Germany, bro.

Anyway, it was a pleasant little visit. The funny thing is that I still don't really feel in the Christmas spirit yet. The party vibe downtown is pretty much the same for most of the markets and events. Don't get me wrong; I love me a good party atmosphere and it was fun, especially with the Coolio references. I might just need to play some American Christmas carols at home to get into the swing of things.

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