Wednesday, November 13, 2013

In Holland...Michigan

Check out the "Dutch" clogs in this photo from Holland, Michigan. Holland was named after the European Holland because of so many Dutch immigrants settling in the new world town. Every year in Holland (the city), the famous Tulip Time Festival takes place in the beginning of May. I hadn't been to Tulip Time since I was a kid, even though it's only about half an hour from my family's house. In 2011 I finally went again, this time with my friend, who's not from Michigan, because she wanted to do some touristy stuff before she moved on to her next adventure. I'm glad that I went because I moved about 18 months later myself.

I liked this store's window display because of the Dutch clogs with the Nike swoop. There is even a wooden shoe factory in Holland, among other kitschy tourist traps.

Even better yet about our visit? We watched some Dutch clogging, then headed toward the other side of town and drank horchata and had elotes at the Mexican festival. :) Sorry, Netherlands, but Mexican food is far tastier to us. Holland  in Michigan now is home to many Spanish speakers, which is kind of funny when one thinks of the actual Netherlands because at one time they were ruled under the Spanish crown.

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