Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Some Hallo-weenies!

I saw a cute recipe for "mummified" hotdogs for Halloween. Since I was going to attend a Halloween party I thought I'd give them a try and bring them as a treat.

The recipe is really easy; click here to see it. All it requires is hot dogs and crescent rolls. I bought both and made my own mummy dogs. I lack any domestic ability and they turned out well and people at the party thought that they were fun. If I made them again, I might want the crescent rolls to be a bit colder so they'd be easier to cut, but beyond that, it was easy.

Ready to be baked.

Baked. Got a bit well done.
The one thing that gets me about the original recipe is that the author says that these are part of a healthy meal. I'm not sure on which planet a meat concoction filled with sulfates covered in high fat pastry is healthy, but once I let go of that skepticism, I thought these were quite fun to make and take to a party.

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