Monday, October 21, 2013

Even better yet: Bernd is Brot der Woche

Bernd das Brot is this crazy cartoon/puppety, grumpy anthropomorphic bread who has his own show that plays on tv. Whenever I'm in a hotel room in Berlin and it's later at night, I get to see my old crotchety friend Bernd. I'm not sure if he's a Berlin area fixture, but I haven't seen him the limited times I've watched tv in SW Germany.

Anyway, when I was at Wasgau I saw the sign that said he's the bread of the week. It was really funny...and disconcerting in a way. I mean, he's a made up character, but isn't it a bit weird to eat him?  Even worse, he looked really tasty!! Maybe he's so grumpy because he has a constant fear of being eaten.

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