Friday, October 18, 2013

Just not feelin' it but Tony the Tiger is

This picture isn't good because I took it at night on a cell phone, but believe me, its content in real life is totally AWESOME. This is from the upper floor of the Primark store in Saarbrücken. Primark is kind of like an Old Navy/lower end H&M and has inexpensive clothes. I saw one in Frankfurt but it was a complete madhouse so I didn't even try to do more than poke my head in.

Anyway, at this Primark, there is a PAIR OF ADULT SIZED TIGER PAJAMAS (or is it a costume?). Oh my goodness, they were completely awesome. I wanted to buy a pair but alas, the store was closed. Then I remembered what happened the last time I wore some footie pajamas, so maybe it wouldn't be realistic to buy a pair.

However, I do still want to visit Primark. Maybe the Saarbrücken store won't be so busy?


On not feelin' it: I don't know what's up, but I just haven't felt like writing lately. I've been tired and I have tons of things to catch up on, both at home and with writing. I finally finished the art class I was taking and received the grade today: an A. I was excited to have a week off from class, and it has been a busy one. I'm having around 20 people over this weekend for a party so preparations for that have taken up all week. My next class starts this upcoming week so I'll say goodbye to freedom again.

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