Thursday, September 26, 2013

Restaurant Review: Fatih Servet Döner, Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Restaurant Reviewed: Fatih Servet Döner
Location: Inside the Berlin Hauptbahnhof

During my trip to Berlin in August for a class, I found myself returning to one restaurant: Fatih Servet Döner. Often, we didn't have a large amount of time in between class activities, so I needed to grab a quick meal that was inexpensive and centrally located. Since Fatih Servet Döner is located in the Berlin Hauptbahnhof and makes a quick take-away meal at reasonable prices, it fit the bill.

The restaurant is in the middle level of the train station. It has a small seating section but its main focus is take-away meals. It offers döner, falafel, salads and even Italian fare like pastas and antipasti. A dining partner ordered a döner and said that it was decent.

During the three times I visited, I ordered the falafel sandwich. I was thrilled to find falafel as the Turkish restaurants where I live don't often have it. This falafel was made in-store and is so much better than the premade, frozen flafel I've had the misfortune of eating at some other restaurants. At Fatih Servet Döner, there is a deli case of falafel that staff pops back into the fryer for customers. It's served with a lettuce/parsley/tomato/cabbage mix with a choice of sauce (yogurt with mint or a spicier sauce which is probably also yogurt based). The mix is served in something like a cross between a panini and pita, which was grilled.

In addition to the falafel, I bought a salad and it was the best I've eaten in Germany so far. Of course, this might be because I bought it with the salad dressing applied when I ordered it so the lettuce was actually crisp for once. With the lettuce, the salad had feta cheese, fresh tomatoes, red peppers, and of course some corn (it seems almost against the law in Germany not to have corn on random foods).

I recommend this restaurant for a quick, tasty and preiswert meal at the Berlin Hauptbahnhof.

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