Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Another visit to KaDeWe: American food in Berlin, Germany

I wrote about a 2011 visit to Berlin's famous department store, KaDeWe, and the expensive American food I saw there. This past August, I went back to KaDeWe with another student during a history of Berlin class we were taking in Berlin. S. graciously gave me the following pictures that she took to illustrate the sticker shock on American products.

Betty! You are one expensive lass. Well, your brownies are at almost 7 euros per box!

Pop Tarts, as expensive as ever, or even more so! They're almost 9 euros per box.

Off-brand mac n' cheese and it's almost 4 euros? Seriously? This would sell for less than $1 in the US.

Jif for 7.98 euros. It is $2.78 in the US.

I'm soooooo curious: does anyone pay these prices at KDW?

Lady Liberty wouldn't!


  1. Whoa. I don't know anyone who likes those things that much.

  2. I know! I am thankful that I have access to American products at normal prices (I do get an intense hankering for diet root beer and Morningstar Farms vegetarian food from time to time), but I could definitely do without if need be. Things like cheese and wine are so much better, and cheaper, on the economy here.

    1. Agreed. It's funny to me that they stock the German Coke here (which I think is better) but when they sell the German wine it's one that was imported to the U.S. first before being sent back here...makes no sense to me.