Monday, September 9, 2013

Awesome automation in Mechelen, Belgium

B. and I were impressed to see that there were some options for off-hours shopping in Belgium. As German residents now, we're not accustomed to being able to pick up a few things from the stores later in the evening (after all, one should have planned ahead! Yeah, this isn't convenient).

There are several automated options in Mechelen. We passed a backerij (bakery) and saw an automated bread machine (brood automaat) outside. I was impressed!

I was even more impressed when we passed by an automated grocery store outlet for SPAR. It was possible to buy many necessities from an automated storefront, such as milk, eggs, butter, and even cigarettes and beer (whether the last two are "necessities" is debatable).

Day and night open.

Our Belgian hosts told us that some of the regular grocery stores are even open Sunday mornings. *swoon*

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