Thursday, August 29, 2013

Taking a dance lesson at a German dance studio

I love my life here; it's almost as random as it was when I was living in the US, and I have high hopes that some more offbeat opportunities will present themselves.

On Monday, my friend D called me several times as I was on my way to German class. Since he didn't leave a message, I assumed it was nothing life-threatening so I called him back after class ended.

He didn't even say hello; he asked me if I could go to a dance lesson with him the following night. I actually thought this was kind of funny because I personally don't like small talk if there's something you need to ask/tell a person. He wanted to take the dance lesson because he's hosting a themed party and wants to do some dances from that era.

I wondered why I was factoring into this. D needed some moral support; the lesson was also cheaper if he brought a dancing partner. I warned him that I was the worst possible person to ask. When I saw that I'm clumsy and not a good dancer, I mean it. I say what I mean and mean what I say. However, I was super curious about the lesson and willing to help a friend out so I told him if he had no other options I would go with him, but I was owed major friend points for doing so.

We stopped by a Tanzstudio, or dance studio, in town. A class was finishing up and I was disappointed to see that some of them were hanging out after class. I was hoping that we weren't going to have an audience for our embarrassment. They didn't stay too long; they probably couldn't take watching us flail around that long...or they had other commitments.

Anyway, the dance teacher was professional and patient. I think that internally she was thinking, "OMG, this is awful" but she kept a pleasant demeanor. It was an hour of ridiculousness. We first learned the dance steps individually. Then, D tried dancing with me. He was having a hard time catching the first beat of the music so without thinking, I got us started. Well, even in these enlightened times, the woman isn't supposed to lead. I knew that, but oops, I thought it was just trying to help out, not lead. 

At the end of the lesson, I personally wasn't much farther than where I had started, though to no fault of the instructor. I have two left feet; what can I say? I have to say that it wasn't a bad time, though. I mean, if I can embarrass myself in front of a ton of Germans (crap, I do this any time I try to speak German; who am I kidding) and live to talk about it, there must be many other things that are possible in life, no?

D and I asked the instructor if she thought we were the worst students she ever had. She paused. I said, "please be honest." Without pausing, she said yes. D and I laughed so hard. I told another American that the instructor said that and the American was surprised she would admit it. We asked the instructor to be honest and she was. That's what's so refreshing about Germany: people are honest here! One just needs to be prepared for an honest response and not take it personally.

On the way home, D and I high fived each other for being #1 at Being the Worst Dancers ever. I'm so glad that I agreed to a panicked call to the friend helpline and had this goofy experience.

(The funny thing is that the title from yesterday's entry could've been used on this one!)

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