Saturday, August 3, 2013

Restaurant Review: Cantina Mexicana, Kaiserslautern-Einsiedlerhof
Kaiserstrasse 117, Kaiserslautern-Einsiedlerhof

As one of the handful of Mexican restaurants in the Kaiserslautern area, Cantina Mexicana caters very much to the American crowd. It's no wonder, since it's within several miles of a US military base.

I've eaten there several times and rank it as pretty good. Service is prompt and friendly. They take euros, dollars, and thank goodness, credit cards, which was especially useful as I visited once when I was out of euros.

Lunch time yields the best deals with a one-item meal coming in at less than 5 euros. It includes a large basket of chips with salsa and a side of beans, rice, and some "salad" (more aptly, a small pile of iceberg lettuce and few pieces of tomatoes).

The salsa is a bit strange; it's sweeter than what I eat in the US, but it's less sweet than the salsa at the other restaurant run by the same owners, Papasote. It's not bad, but I'd prefer it to be less sweet.

I usually order a cheese and onion enchilada. The strange sauce on it is common among the restaurants owned by this corporation. It's a salty gravy-type sauce that doesn't taste quite right for TexMex or Mexican food. I'm getting used to it, but would prefer something a bit more authentic.

There is a full bar and there are margarita nights. Southerners from the US will be pleased to know that sweet tea is available. For music or party lovers, there is a mariachi band some nights.

Cantina Mexicana works when I need a fix of some Mexican food. It's not spot-on, but with friendly service, reasonable prices, and its location being much closer than say Michigan, it's just fine. Plus, I can get a free glass of ice water with no grumpy faces! Yay!

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