Friday, March 15, 2013

The Queen and 3 lions say it's okay for my friends to be here

I've made some new friends since I've moved here, which is great. They also happen to be expats. I've found it's usually easier to make friends with other expats, but not for also wanting to become friends with locals. Friends and I have discussed this; we don't think it's really so much that locals aren't interested in new friends or making friends with foreigners. It seems more logical that people who are from the area are already more settled in their lives and have existing friendships. Expats are all in the same situation of starting their lives anew, so to speak. They also have the common experience of existing to life in a new country and may find commonality with others in the same situation.

After having that discussion, my British friend showed me his passport and proudly thumbed to a page with a quote from the Queen. Being silly, he said that it was basically a note from her saying that it was okay for him to be here.

I have a friend from India and I was wondering who wrote a similar note in his passport. Of course there wasn't a note from the Queen, but there were three cool looking lions on the cover of his passport.

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