Monday, March 18, 2013

Super sweet sticker lady

On my way to German class tonight, I decided to try some pizza from a place that had received some favorable reviews. They have good Chicago-style pizza, I heard, so I decided to try it.

As I was picking up my pizza, the lady working there was so sweet. She asked me if I had their frequent buyer club card and I told her I didn't. She gave me the card and started to put one sticker on it. Then, watching a gentleman depart the store, she leaned in and whispered that she was going to give me more stickers but she had to sneak them because her boss was going out the door. It has hilarious; she gave me four stickers instead of just one. I told her that I would sneak out of the store afterward. It's rather silly because her boss had already left, but it fit with the goofiness.

After how kind she was to me, I was disappointed to find that the pizza wasn't that good. Since the service was good I hoped to be able to add the restaurant to my map of places to stop if I'm out and about. I really like to visit and recommend places with good food and service. Unfortunately, the crust of the pizza was good and reasonably true to Chicago style, but the sauce was not good at all. It hardly had any taste and was that greasy, barely seasoned style. The cheese wasn't so great, either. Drat! 

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