Sunday, March 17, 2013

Say it ain't so! The Pferdemetzgeri

I was on an exploratory stroll in Kaiserslautern when I came across this meat shop:

I am still very much a beginner in the German language, but I knew that Metzgerei means butcher's shop.

My German teacher taught me early on that Pferd means horse, because it's my very favorite animal (Moo takes a second; sorry, Moo!).

I saw this sign and thought, say it ain't so! I asked in class and it is, indeed, a horse meat market.

However, I am not against people eating horse meat. To each his's not something that I would do, but the one meat I will eat on occasion is pork and many people in the world won't eat that, either.

There has recently been a huge scandal with Ikea; horse meat was found in meatballs labeled as beef and there was a big uproar. Horse meat is probably healthier than cow meat is (it's a very lean meat), but it's a contamination issue if it's not on the label. Also, I could imagine that there are others out there who are okay with eating Bessie the Cow but don't want to eat Black Beauty the horse.

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