Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I'm just going to breathe into a paper bag for a while now

Last month, I ended up on German tv. I had not planned to do so but at least during my five minutes of fame (I hoped that) I left a reasonably good impression of my fellow country people. It was definitely a bit freaky to have to speak German and have it recorded. It seems to be my luck that I'm bound to embarrass myself through different media: I just found out that I am to visit a radio show to promote a group!

While I want to have a good attitude about new experiences and I do like a challenge, this is something outside of my comfort zone. I'm going to be speaking English and this isn't for a German station. However, I'm not so fluent even in English when I'm put on the spot. Lately, my brain seems so slow and I pause as I speak. I think it's because I'm tired, often multi-task/solve problems/formulate plans, and think in a weird mix of Denglish. Either way, it's not going to make for a very smooth radio interview and I'm freaked out about not being a good representative of the group.

Can I just go breathe into a paper bag for a while to get over this?*

*For the record, I'm not actually that high strung.


  1. oh yeah my speaking english has gotten really bad since living in Germany. I often struggle for words! Best of luck for it!

  2. Good luck! I bet you'll do fine, but I understand the nervousness. When you were on TV - was it one of those spontaneous interviews on the street? Or what was it for? Very curious! :-)

  3. It was actually a special news segment about a local program. I definitely had my five minutes of fame (that I didn't want!). Hehe.