Thursday, June 9, 2016

My week: May 29 ed.

Our work project was supposed to wrap up this week and we were working like crazy. We put everything into order that we could, ran through our lists, and stayed late. I didn't schedule anything other than my regular tandem meeting with my friend. The night that the changes were supposed to happen, I received a text from coworker who said that the software changes we made had generated too many failures. That was a feeling of dread for all of us; we weren't sure where the errors had occurred and then we wondered if the project was going to be in serious trouble. Later in the week, we held a meeting and found out that we could redo some of the steps and change some settings to counteract the failures. Phew!

During the weekend, I drove some friends to a campout offered by a world-wide group in which I had participated in the US. It's a quirky bunch of people who tend to be friendly and open. My friends were new to this group but really enjoyed the vibe as we met people from all over (but mostly Dutch and German ;)

I get such a kick out of Dutch people. I like listening to Dutch; I think of it as a happy-go-lucky-sounding cousin of German. I put my German to use a bit too; when the Dutch people couldn't think of a word in English, I said the German version and we were all on track.

When I arrived home on Sunday, I was in for an unpleasant surprise: what had been a general rainstorm where I was had turned into crazy weather in Kaiserslautern. Apparently several roads through town morphed into rivers as the rain deluged. My own basement must have flooded; there was dirt from the backyard everywhere. Oh, joy! Just what I wanted to clean up, even as my camping stuff was all wet. I laid the equipment out in my apartment and decided to tackle the basement the next day. Despite that, I was glowing with happiness from the weekend.

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