Monday, June 13, 2016

Cornsona non grata

My coworker was throwing a party with (delicious, might I say) Mexican food. When we arrived, he told us he had a story we'd find funny. When he was at the (German) butcher, he mentioned that he was buying the Hackfleisch to make tacos.

His German wife leaned in to us and said, "Would you guess what they asked us?"

Me: "Are you going to put corn in it?"

Answer: "Yes, they did!" (rolling eyes)

Me: "Well, you should add some kidney beans, while you're at it, because you know, Mexican chefs are 'always' adding that."

Another party-goer: "Oh, and don't forget the cabbage. A German burrito needs cabbage."

[More rolling of eyes, all around.]

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