Sunday, January 18, 2015

My week: January 18 ed.

This week picked up a lot of steam after the holidays. I found myself running from one event from another and getting a lot of little obnoxious chores done, while still feeling as if I had tons of things left to do.

-In German class, we worked on the passive voice. I've learned the present passive voice before but we floated into what was previously for me uncharted depths and my mind was geblown (as I like to say in Germish).

Take this example: The letter will have been written by me. Der Brief wird von mir geschrieben worden sein.

There are four verbs/helping verbs in that sentence! Okay, fair enough, there are four in English too. I think things would get even more crazy if there were some subordinate clauses thrown in the German version; they usually change the word order. I can't even wrap my mind around where to put what. I don't have to worry too much; my friends say that the passive voice is not used* that often, except for the news, so I can chill out a bit.

-I met with my German tandem partner and she had me reading children's books out loud to her. It was a great idea but I certainly felt a bit silly narrating a story about a talking basil plant that somehow had a monkey, which may or might have been made out of another plant, in it. Folks, that's what happens to me when I can't read something silently to myself several times to figure out what is happening. I really do need to learn what the heck the monkey thing was. I know that he scared the plants.

-I met a group of friends for a quick drink then had a dinner with some other friends. It was such a nice night with two German friends and one American friend. We laughed like crazy and watched videos of cute baby owls (we're all animal lovers). Yes, we're a bunch of nerds.

-I went to Munich for the weekend. More to follow!

*Did you catch that?

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