Sunday, January 11, 2015

My week: January 11 ed.

-German classes through the uni club resumed this week. While I needed a break from being so busy, I was glad to get back to class as I didn't speak German much in the two weeks off and I felt it slipping. I also brought a box of cookies for the class. I had to leave early and deliberately left the box behind. Our instructor emailed me to say that she had eaten two and took the box home to return to me. I wrote her back and said that she could keep them because I didn't need any more cookies.

Of course she ended up correcting the grammar in my email. She is always correcting us, which is fine; the only way to learn a language properly is if fluent speakers make corrections. However, sometimes I roll my eyes when reading emails because I just wanted to tell her about the dang cookies and I was in a hurry.

-I met with my German partner. It was nice to catch up after two weeks off. We ended up speaking German for two hours.

-Some colleagues from work got together for drinks at Phuket and 21 in downtown Kaiserslautern. Oh. My. Goodness. However, it was a very fun night out. Also, it was my first time at 21, which is a restaurant and bar at the top of the Rathaus with amazing views.

-I started planning a trip to Munich since I'm getting a bit restless and need some travel in my life. I hope to write a post about the resources I used to try to find cheap transportation and accommodation.

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