Sunday, October 19, 2014

My week: October 19 ed.

Ergh. This week was tough. I spent most of it feeling miserable and sick.

-On Monday, I was still in Spain; our flight was leaving at 1700 and I had spent a sleepless night tossing and turning, burning up with fever. My friend R was very sweet and set out early to find some Ibuprofen and yogurt for me. I eventually was able to stomach both and was able to get my fever down a bit but felt horrible so I sent R out for the day since there was no sense in making him stay in. We met up again later and flew home.

-I went to the doctor (sinus and ear infections) and missed several days of work. I wasn't happy about that because I had been gone so much the previous weeks and there were some things I wanted to take care of. I did go back for a few hours one day, but could feel my fever reigniting so I went home again. By the end of the week, I was in the office for most of each day. During that time, there was a special exercise going on at our location. I laughed about taking the most guarded nap ever during my lunch break; there were security personnel with automatic weapons just outside the door (it had nothing to do with me). I felt ridiculous the next day when they asked if I was feeling any better.

-I skipped my German class and stayed home to sleep instead. It was the wiser choice.

-I attended a dinner event and saw a ton of people I knew already and met some interesting new people, including a German couple who sound like Kiwis. Immediately upon hearing them speak, I asked them if they had lived in Australia (okay, I had the wrong country, but close enough). Young Germans have the opportunity to have an extended visa/work in some fields within Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, so some came back from their adventures with a new accent while speaking English.

-I went to a brunch and to a potluck and saw a bunch of friends from town.

-I still have not been feeling well, probably from being rundown by so much travel. Also, I think that the antibiotics I have are making me feel queasy so I'll have to see if the doctor will give me something else.

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