Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dear Germany: Mexican food (other than dulces) should not be sweet!

America gets a bad rap for sugary food. It is true that our food can be overly sweetened, but I have been surprised to find that some foods in Germany are really sweet too.

For example, I tried buying some Old El Paso brand taco seasoning from Rewe, the German supermarket. I know that OEP is more of an American brand and it's in the American aisle here, but I was curious if it tasted any differently from what I buy in the US. It did -- and I was very thankful that I tasted it first before I added it to the dish I was cooking! I actually threw it away because it was ridiculously sweet and I felt it would ruin the savory Mexican dish I was making. Most Mexican food, with the exception of desserts and some things with mole sauce, are not sweet. Germany, it is worth noting this ;)

I also bought some German spaghetti sauce that I ended up giving away without eating. For some reason, I had a suspicion that it would be sweet so I tried a small spoonful first. It hardly tasted like tomatoes because there was so much sugar in it!

I guess that I was just surprised by all of this; I would have not thought that some savory foods would have so much added sugar.

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