Saturday, August 2, 2014

American week at Aldi

A couple weeks ago, it was American week at Aldi. In other words, the store offered products it believed were the epitome of American dining (or something like that). I do have to give Aldi props for carrying foreign themed food. They also do British week, Italian week, and I'm sure some other weeks too (I don't grocery shop a lot so I'm not usually sure what's on offer).

Here are some of the American-themed foods:

Sesame bagels. Okay, we do eat those.

BBQ chips: yep, we do that, too.

Canned hot dogs. Um, not really. We usually buy them in refrigerated packets.

Sandwich sauce: not like this! It has sauerkraut in it. Weird!

We do have granola bars, which are somewhat similar.

Pancakes in a pouch. Well, we have frozen pre-made ones, so...

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