Monday, February 17, 2014

The flowers are a-bloomin'

When I see forsythia flowers, I smile. They are the harbinger of spring for me (well, after crocuses and daffodils). Spring is my favorite season, for many reasons, especially considering that it ushers the end of cold and gloomy winter.

Forsythia also make me think of my family. My mom has it in her backyard in Michigan. My aunt, who lives in a different state, recently "forced" some forsythia. Even though her state is a bit warmer than Michigan is, it still has been cold there. She brought some forsythia inside and is coaxing them to bloom. She placed them in an heirloom vase, which is actually a shell casing sent by our cousins who weathered World War II in Holland! It's a strangely handsome vase.

I am seeing forsythia here in Germany, too. I went for a walk this weekend and saw a rather ratty-looking bush with flowers. Of course I had to share that picture with my family! It's been so warm here that they are blooming naturally.

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