Monday, February 24, 2014

Let op! Indeed

Since our Dutch friend visited, I'm feeling very Dutch. Well, I am Dutch in my mishmash of American heritage; in fact, my grandparents were from the Old Country.

In the spirit of all things Dutch and wonderful, I bring you this picture from Eindhoven as I drink some lekker Dutch hot chocolate my friend brought for me:

Caution (or "attention;" I don't know the subtleties of the Dutch language)!! Not for cyclists.

C was with me on this trip to Einhoven. We really liked "let op!" because it felt like we were yelling at each to "let up," which would make sense in English when telling someone to stop doing something.

Okay, that's enough Dutch. I now need to switch back to German because very soon it will be final exam time for my current class and I really must study.

Pass auf! Acht auf!   (It's not quite as fun in German)

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