Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How Moo celebrated the new year

I wrote about how I celebrated the New Year but I didn't mention what Moo, my cat, got to do. On NYE, unfortunately, the poor little guy had to celebrate alone since I was in Heidelberg. He stayed in the bathroom/hallway so I'm hoping that the fireworks weren't too loud for him.

When I came home, he greeted me, happy and purring as always. I'm assuming the night wasn't too traumatic. However, I felt kind of guilty, even though he's a cat. To make up for being gone, I gave him wet food as a treat, catnip, hung out with him, and even played his favorite game, feather (basically moving a feather around and letting him pounce on it, which he thinks is the best thing ever).

He was so pleased after all of this that it was ridiculous. It's funny to think of a cat being happy but I swear that if he could smile, he would have.

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